Willem Dafoe Quote

Reading Flaunt magazine this morning, I was struck sideways by the appropriateness of this Willem Dafoe comment:

"Making stuff is satisfying, because it always involves a shift of consciousness out of your everyday, wear-you-down consciousness...The world drops away, and you get caught up in this thing I can only describe as becoming. The same thing can happen while making a beautiful meal. I think I'm always attracted to that. I don't think I'm a very neurotic person, but I'm a nervous enough person and a fearful enough person that when I'm making things, all that goes away, and why does it go away? It's because I feel kind of useful. I don't feel petty. I feel like I'm in the mix with nature. I'm in the mix with the divine, and making it for what? That's even the best part-If you don't know why you're making it. That's what's so great about art sometimes. It's just beautiful in it's usefulness."

luv that nature divine stuff. lap it up.

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