SSDK - The tale of the show - Volume II

Opening # 1, September 20, 2009
And so the day came.

Hanging in the Balance - sold to Steven Specht
Imagine my surprise when I entered the gallery to see red dots already on some of the pieces!!! They had sold "Hanging in the Balance", which was one of my favorites from the SSDK series!! Several other smaller works also had red dots. I immediately could relax because the pressure was off. Time to enjoy the show!

Upon my arrival, Barbara Boucher excitedly informed me that Steven Specht had attended the show already and was interested in interviewing me for a web review. I was honored to find out that he had purchased some of my work. We were able to talk at length about the art of collage. Truly humbled, he made me feel like I really am an artist. It's funny how I am the last to finally believe it. You work hard in the studio, and it's all so far removed from the public eye and the feedback. The creation portion is every so private. It's such a contrast to the showing of art, which is so very public. You have no idea what other people think, till you put it out there. It's kind of scary.

The 20th was a beautiful sunny autumn day. It was so gorgeous, and it provided a really scenic nice ride for my out of town guests. The gallery had set up a table in the middle with some really good appetizers. I was impressed with the quality of the treats. It wasn't just some frozen minibites, but instead yummy specialties that the MVCA committee members cooked up. Red and White Wine in carafes was miraculously kept filled during the entire reception and it certainly added to my festive mood! (not to mention the calming effect).

Unfortunately, I have to mention the bogus flies that also wanted to attend my show. The front door was open and apparently they also got the email that food was being served! We swatted flies and bees both shows. I deserved it I guess, since I had asked them to take down the fly tapes! It's fall, and I guess the pests are frisky!
There were several committee members that attended my first opening, Good friends came from far away to see my work. Karen Chapel and her daughter Danielle brought along Nancy Goff, who is Karen's mother and also a renowned pastel artist and Jessica Friedman. They all traveled the distance from the Binghamton area, driving over 2 hours in the autumn sun! Such supportive friends...I love them all. Lisa brought Aaron up to see the work. I haven't see him in over 2 years, and it was good to have him there. Rosemary made sure that August, my grandson, was there for his first art event. Grandma was tickled he could attend! J.D. King visited the show and offered his commentary on the pieces. I can't list them all. I was so glad to see that the gallery was full....the entire 2 hours of the opening reception.

Travis was on hand as my right hand man. Speaking with folks and explaining the works, helping me with the computer, he was invaluable before-during-and after both shows. Talk about support!! Chris also came along and held me up when I wanted to fall over. It seemed like an exhausting 2 hours. Honestly, I was so humbled by the experience. I went home and my chest was swelled up in pride and love for all the great family, artists, friends, and neighbors that came to see my work. Of course, selling a few pieces didn't hurt!
I was fascinated by the interesting questions that people asked me about the art and the slideshow. A lot of folks were mesmerized by the slides...being able to see up close some of these local intriguing places was acting like a magnet. It all worked pretty well together.
The show ended and I floated home...happy...content... Ya know, sometimes the life of an artist ain't half bad!

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