A Book About Death — Isn't Dead Yet

A message from Cecil Touchon:

A Book About Death - 2010

I am putting out an open call - please spread the word.
I will be putting on a Book About Death exhibition/performance next October using the set of cards, posters, artifacts, etc. that I have and I invite everyone to send a postcard sized collage for next year's exhibition. You could also send any sort of small sized artwork,
objects to put in a box with other people's objects
event score for performance,etc.

everything should say on it somewhere: A Book About Death

I will attempt to do a book around it that I will be fashioning over the course of the year. If there is anyone who is actually a good book designer and knows how to use better software than word for windows, I invite you to contact me and collaborate on the creation of the book. I want it to have many images, stories, poems, etc. - possibly a multi-volume set over the coming years. I can see that A Book About Death is going to have a long and growing life over the coming years. I invite collaborators to help out with the organizing and we'll need some performers to show up for the opening. We could also coordinate simultaneous or traveling exhibitions around the country or world.

Louise, maybe you can announce this to those who are sending things for your show at the Queens or make a flier to give out at the show there?

Send to:
A Book About Death 2010
6955 pinon street
fort worth, texas 76116



Tanja said...

what is the context of the Book of Death? What kind of death? biological, emotional, spiritual, ...I think I am missing something, did you speak earlier of this subject?

Julie Sadler said...

The content...
This was an open art call put out by Matthew Rose over the summer in which interpretation of the theme was entirely up to the artists....this ended just a month or so ago. However, a second call is out now by Cecil due next year.
The original Book About Death information is on this site:

Over 400 artists participated in the first exhibit. Perhaps you will join us in the second?

Mara Thompson said...

Check out http://abookaboutdeatharchive.blogspot.com/
for the history... Such fun to participate in the collaboration and to install a show here in LA, CA. It's coming down tomorrow, 11-1-09. Enjoy the process!

benude media said...

WOW! A Book ABout Death takes on a life of its own...Do one thing a day that scares you...benude!

Tanja said...

hey, I know you! You are Misphit from flickr! :-))

Julie Sadler said...

Hey you are right! I AM misphit from flickr!
And you are Tanja, who I want to do an overseas collaboration!
what is your flickr name?

Tanja said...

it's TanjaN1 at flickr!

Anonymous said...


I will do a collage for you exhibition and your book. you can see my Currents Works in my web site http://merz.centerblog.net

I'll to explain for your concept in my art-blog, also I already called for your request " A book bout death"

M.(paint and assembly)

Anonymous said...

Voilà c'est fait , un article à propos de Cécil Touchon sur mon Blog et un message d'appel pour l'envoie de cartes postales...
J'ai commencé ma réalisation...
à très bientôt


Pour en savoir plus: Http://merz.centerblog.net

Anonymous said...
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