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Working with some new ideas. I am thinking about producing a book about my family history. I am in possession of the mother load of our families information. I would like to produce the info, and also illustrate. I don't want to morph the people too much, I am seeking more to portray them in artful portraits and settings. With this one, I almost went too far I think. It doesn't resemble a portrait. Maybe a portrait of her in the street?

I am back to using as much ephemera as I want on this project. I got really good feedback at my show. It seems that most people are seriously intrigued by the contents of the work. (of course, me posting the ingredients below the titles may have had something to do with it!)

The Lithuanian part of my family was quite large. They had a lot of children back then, hence the rabbit in this piece. I stamped with a vintage key on the background on this piece, but I didn't really like it. I ended up covering most of it. I want to draw a key in some of the "white" space...but I don't think I have the room in this one. Next time, perhaps.


Steven said...

Nice piece Julie!

Kitty Kilian said...

It looks historical and definitely exotic!

Tanja said...

great collage!

Julie Sadler said...

THANX good people!

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