Visit with The Royal Family

Yup, that's what I said. You, lowly you, can meet the Royal Family! I've always wanted to sit and have tea with the Queen. (Or even Prince Will or Harry...?ha!)

The Royal Family will be visiting Toronto, Ontario in the coming weeks. Creatively enabled by Aprile Elcich, "The Royal Family", a mixed media collage series inspired by a found scrapbook dedicated to Queen Elizabeth, is a trip back in time to the '50's and '60's and then infused with 2009 attitude. Aprile recreates her own imaginative set of scrapbooks pages and presents The Royal Family in an entirely different light!
The family is receiving visitors at the ...industtress gallery in Canada from October 16th through November 12th, 2009. Opening night, 8pm, English cheeses and drinks will be served. Long live the queen!

...industtrees gallery
1234 College Street
Toronto, Ontario


Aprile said...

Thanks Julie, that's lovely of you!

Julie Sadler said...

SWEET, aprile...good luck with the show!

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