Make a Chair!

Here is an interesting project you can participate in. See all details at: www.theglobalchairproject.org/

1. Create a chair that will fit into a box no larger than 8x8x8 inches (21x 21x21 centimeters) . It can be a sculpture, a painting, a song, a story, a photograph, a video. Almost anything goes as long as its collectible and durable and chair-related.

2. Photograph your chair in a low-resolution digital jpeg, 72dpi and no larger than 8 inches (21cm) on any side.

3. Send a picture of your chair by using the Upload button on the menu. Remember to send it in a low resolution jpeg. In the message box put your name, eMail address, title of chair, size of chair, materials used and value(optional) .

5. If accepted by The Project you will be notified as to where and how to ship it.

You will need to pay for shipping. Your chair will be professionally photographed for the auction, so please send a low-res, jpg image. No high resolution images will be opened. We'll take care of the rest.

The Project will pay for shipping to the purchaser.

6. You will be notified when your chair is to be auctioned. Let your collectors, family and friends know so you can raise the highest bid possible.

7. Bids may be higher or lower than the actual value but please know you are doing your part to help a world in need.

8. Be creative and good luck!

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