Attn:Berlin David Hochbaum @ Strychnin!

TOTAL collage overload. This is mayhem! The sheer amount of really exciting collage exhibits, including my own..., it's just staggering!
Berlin Strychnin is hosting the latest visual extravaganza that is David Hochbaum....The Garden of the Dispossed. Such a dark theme, I love the October season.

I can remember this particular piece in progress...perhaps...or maybe it was a generation ago...when I visited David's salon last January. Sweet work. His stuff.
Ya know what I like best about Hochbaum? His people are current because in his photography, he uses folks he knows in his search for collage media. The modern twist to his works, (such as the tattoo on the girl in the show poster) really kicks and opposes the old fashioned themes and imagery he uses. In my work it's always decaying objects--architecture, stumps in forests, and long gone people. The contrast intrigues me.
IF you are in Europe, you need to make and effort to see this show. Only a fool would miss it.

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