Mechanical Appropriations of Holli Schorno

One of the stronger elements of collage work is the usage of parts from various other wholes, or the appropriation of things. Holli Schorno creates meticulous looking worlds from a vast variety of mechanical and automotive ephemera. Some of these pieces are rather monotone-like, which I just adore, and I really enjoy the stark white on the backgrounds. It's a very graphic approach and really the intricacy of her work is quite a contrast, making for some really cool pieces! She has shown at the wonderfully supportive gallery Pavel Zoubok, which has a reputation for representing various collage artists.

This piece I really liked, something about the grandiose branching antenna was quite organic and it reminded me of a quirky tree...
There's a gallery of works on mylar layers that is quite amazing here. It looks as tho she did collage on mylar sheets and then married them together, creating a ghosted cast on portions of the artwork. Sweet.

This last piece I found on the Pavel Zoubok site.This piece is really my fave of the ones I have seen. I really enjoy the landscape feel to the whole thing, the bombastic crazy constellated sky....I want to go here today and hang out in the convoluted skies of Holli Schorno.

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hey buddy you have a pretty good imagination and a very beautiful way of presenting things, keep it up and do more work and thanks for sharing this blog with us

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