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Working on this piece at the moment. Started out it's life as an oak commode drawer. Chris was trashing the furniture, and the little drawer called out to me..."use me use me!!" so I rescued it from near firepile death and it became the basis for this latest work.
I am at the crossroads with it. It wants to go towards a Christmas theme from here, and I am not sure that I want to go that commercial way with it.
Definitely working on winter images is affecting my autumn mood!! I want to drink apple cider and eat donuts, not look at pictures of frost.

Lately, I am trying new and exciting substrates!! (sounds like a commercial) I had a few canvas affairs recently and now even the old junk furniture isn't even safe. I am finding that I do like working on wood. The heaviness of the base really makes me want to use larger 3d objects. Maybe that's where this is all leading...? I am looking towards working on an operational water fountain for the upcoming September show. These skills may help me on the tasks just ahead.

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