He gave her the finger

He gave her the finger
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And she offered him her tent (caterpillars) in return.
Strange relationship...

This one started out as a digital pic of a piece by Haeckel overlaid on top of a Lithuanian door pic found on flickr in photoshop. The collage was built on top of the laser print. Kinda flimsy after using hard bases these last couple of weeks. BWAA! I need another old drawer!

I did want to apologize for posting a lot of my own stuff on the blog these days. It's contrary to the idea of the blog. But I am trying to keep an interesting post each day. Sometimes I am too busy doing my own thing to look at others' stuff and share it. So I share my own. Maybe that's just how it goes on blogs. Some personal stuff, some public stuff. I can dig that.


cosmolene said...

I see nothing wrong with the way the blog operates. When there is something new, it goes up.
When there isn't it is nice to see your work.

Glo said...

I love it. Always a new idea to inspire me!

Anonymous said...

is beautiful!!!
I like!!!!

belo trabalho com as colagens
Eu também gosto muito

see my blog: colarfazbem.blogspot.com


Aline Colar fron Brasil

robot said...

I've been collaging on thin plywood called Lauan. It's thin enough to cut with a utility knife or you can get it cut to order if there is a Home Depot or something nearby. Cheap too. Lately though, I have gotten hollowcore closet doors and worked on those so the latest is 4 doors - 7 by 12 feet.

___A place to find all kinds of information about collage.