Collage Collaboration — Scheinman and Creamer

In Spring (Dawn's Tapestry of Gold)
© Nancy Scheinman
The collage work of Nancy Scheinman is so intense I am having a hard time trying to figure out if her work is done on hard copy or digitally! Acid washes, photo emulsion, layering of metals, etching..these are just a few of the techniques that Scheinman uses in her dense collage work, so I am assuming that at least some of this work is done on the table. These are amazing pieces. It is no secret that works inspired by nature especially touch me, and these are no exception.

Measure Out the Time of Stars
31" x 43 "
Acrylic, oil, tin, canvas, paper, etched and inked plexiglass, and patinated copper on wood.

She did a series of collaborative works with photographer Robert Creamer, and these are available for viewing on her website. These pieces are intricate and delicate....involved and intense.

Thistle Burst - Spring Floats
An edition of 25 Lotus prints on archival Somerset Velvet paper offered at 28" x 40"
or 16" x 24"
A collaborative piece by Nancy Scheinman and Robert Creamer

What really amazes me about these is her technique of incorporating a rectangular image into a larger piece. Some people are more successful at this than others. Rauschenberg often used rectangular images within his work and he did little do disguise the fact. These works also do a good job at hiding the rectilinear individuality of each image. Sweet.
More imagery, prints for sale....can be found here on her website.

Revising Nature — Revealing Beauty
She is having a show currently at Heineman Myers Contemporary Art gallery in Bethesda, MD from Oct. 4 - Nov. 8. More info about this show can be found here on the Heineman Myers site. Certainly this would be a good show to see, if you are in the area.

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