Cedar River Woodchuck

Cedar River Woodchuck
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This was a very nasty half done acrylic painting that someone else had done.I gessoed over 2 coats and let dry for a full week. Next were the xerox transfers. I used laser prints of a vintage tin ceiling and acetone. They came out real faded and decayed, just the way I like it! Now, smear on some acrylic paint here and there, add some muted color tones to finish the background.
Next I did the main collage work. At first, I was going to leave it at that. But the foreground really needed something help meld it with the light colored fading background. Stencils to the rescue!!
This piece is in the shapeshifter series I am working on. I was not as successful morphing the woody-chuck and the woman. She's so darned tall, maybe another piece of woodchuck in the center would have helped, but layout and design wise I couldn't see it.
I do, however, like her very batty look. Can you tell I am in a Halloween mood?

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Glo said...

Cool piece. I love the touch of red of her dress. It's the perfect accent. Good lesson in recycling too.

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