1000 Journals Film @ HDFest in NYC!

Finally! I get to see the 1000 Journals Film, a documentary based on the project 1000 journals which was started by Someguy.
I got a rare chance to be in this film, and I ended up in NY at the 9/11 site trying to take something so vast as 9/11 and record it in a journal for the film. Talk about challenging!
The film has played at various film fests and on the West Coast, but this Saturday nite, it is playing on the East Coast in NYC at the SONY HD Fest. Tickets can be had here.
I am psyched to be attending!!!


tgarrett said...

How exciting- I so want to see this film- I would like to buy this DVD as it seems like it will never be released for rental and chances of it making it to the hinderlands seem remote- enjoy and hope you will give a review!

Julie Sadler said...

I know. Isn't it a bummer that this wasn't made available to all???
I really hate the fact that others have seen me in film (big gulp!) and I have yet to see it...

I will provide a full report!

andrea said...

On the West Coast, we had more festival invitations than we could possibly accept, but on the East Coast it was rather slow going... But this is about to change and we'll be catching up! Also, we're working away feverishly on the DVD, packed with Extras. It will come out in November. You can sign-up for news and infos on our website and here


Julie Sadler said...

OMG!!! Andrea says it so it must be true!
There's gonna be a DVD!!!!

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