2 Weekend Collage Exhibits

This is a busy time of year and collage shows are cropping up all over the place. Here's info for 2 shows this weekend.
Karen Bettencourt

Karen lives in Massachusetts and is an active collage and textile artist. She has a website and a blog. She been gearing up for a 2-person show at the Loading Dock Gallery in Lowell, MA called Other Times... Other Places. She will be showing recent work consisting of 10 collages which tell the story of a fictitious woman from birth to death.
Other Times ... Other Places
at The Loading Dock Gallery, 122 Western Avenue, Lowell, MA
New Collage by Karen Bettencourt and Andrea Bobroff Peters
October 1 to October 26
Reception October 10 6-9pm

Christian Heinrich
The details follow below in broken translated English regarding a show that is in Berlin.
Griebenowstr. 23 - 10435 Berlin - Fr., SA & So from 12:00 to 19:00 clock So.12.10.08 exhibition opening:
COLORED INTERACTION Exhibition from the 12.Oktober to 23.November 2008 Love of friends of the gallery and art, on Sunday, 2008 from 15.00 to 19,00 o'clock the gallery Friendly Society their 30.Themenausstellung opens the 12.Oktober " Colored Zusammenspiel" , to which we would like to invite you and your friends cordially. We show pictures of Katharina brook, Helmut Gutbrod and Holzskulpturen of Peter Hermann. If one believes something to have recognized it yields back and withdraws themselves from the clarity. Katharina brook plays the reality. It hides it in colors, forms, surfaces - lets appear recognizable aspects. But the pictures sit down imageful together, they do not tell atmospherically. Configurations of own symbolic systems place relations ago, work and will interaction. They give area for own ideas, fantasies to the viewer. In the center of the artistic work of Helmut Gutbrod are located organic cell forms, architectural structures and abstracted landscapes, which the artist reduces indicationful to elementary basic forms. In a tensionful Consolidated color sounds, the one fragile entireness develop for dialogue of different plans form and the viewer Leave area to manufacture own meaning meanings. Peter Hermann dedicates itself primarily to the human figure. Its wood sculptures, which it reduces to the substantial, every now and then by animals or also everyday life articles are accompanied. These attributes obtain somewhat particularly valuable, supplement the work and permit contentwise associations. Its figures look into the world, but its view is at the same time inward arranged. This lends a quiet to them Presence and somewhat very full. We would be pleased to be able to welcome you with a glass of Bowle.
Christian Heinrich & Gregor Marvel

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