I love artistic collaborations, I’ve been part of a few and hope to take part in many more in the future. The internet is an amazing tool for finding people who both challenge and compliment your own artistic sensibilities. Collage is an excellent medium for working with another person; adding, moving, covering, changing what the other has laid down already and back and forth.

I came across an astoundingly great collage collaboration the other day on Flickr.com. The two artists separately are very talented; Yann Robardey and Eva Eun-Sil Han (who has been mentioned on this blog before. Eva goes by the moniker Falling Apart and Yann by Ruin Tourist and together they call their project, where they mail collaged postcards back and forth, Falling Ruin. I find these pieces so refreshing and surprising; absolutely inspired. They post previews of the pieces before they are sent off to the other party, it is nice to get a glimpse at both sides of the collaboration.

Ruin Tourist was involved last year in another collage-collaboration with Benjamin Bozonnet called Chinamatic, which resulted in an exhibition in China, “See You There”.
Eva has an upcoming traveling exhibition at Galerie in der Stadtscheune, in Otterndorf at the North Sea, Germany in July.

Eva's blog
Eva's website
Falling Apart
Ruin Tourist
Falling Ruin

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