Bjorn Copeland

I am really digging the collages of New York artist and musician Bjorn Copeland. His work is energetic and pulsates with color and pattern. The images he uses are dissected, rearranged and bombarded with sharp angles and rainbow colored grids. I also really like what I’ve heard of his band Black Dice, a kind of a wild experimental noise band. He also makes some perplexingly cool found object sculptures.

Goodie bag - 2004

Money Shot - 2006

Here’s some links if you like his work:
Daniel Reich Gallery, China Art Objects, Jack Hanley Gallery
picture book Gore on amazon
black dice on myspace

Cinema Split - 2008


Julie Sadler said...

Me liking too!

cwazy! psychedelic...these words come to mind.
oh yea, and GROOVY!

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some of these photos are so cool, I used to make the same things in my lesson of crafts in the college, I think that it is so good to the brain!

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