Cuttings from UK - Mark Lazenby

Mark Lazenby is a collagist extraordinaire from across the pond in the UK. You can gaze and drool over his images on his site. I found that he has a really nice and graphic feel to his work and the placement of the images really works for me...
Today I am feeling a bit organic, being that we are in the summer months with the best weather of the year at hand.
I really have been feeling like I need an
Excursion into the Mountains

I can hear the sound of the winds in the tree leaves, while I am surrounded by lush green I am thankful for a
Beautiful Tree

I sit back in the fields looking up at the sky and truly I can feel my
Ideas Taking Flight

There's so much to take in, I want to implode.
O Who Can Ever Gaze His Fill

All good things must come to an

Including this post.

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tgarrett said...

I love this work- very graphic as you said. Thanks for sharing- Terry

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