Michele DeVous-Color Burst Collage

Michele is a collage artist that frequently posts her images on the flickr site. The first pieces I saw on her blog were super colorful and I was having a summer attitude just looking at these...
I went deeper into her photostream and found luscious reds blacks and whites, which is a personal color combo fave of mine.
She also had these crazy monotone pieces and the texture on these seems full and rich. (as usual, I wish I could touch it with my own hands and feel the layers...)

There's quite a variety of work online here on her flickr page. Michele has mentioned that she has her first solo gallery show coming up in September in St. Louis, MO. I hope that she will update us with more info as the time gets closer...


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I don't like the second. It looks like a serial killer diary. Specially those stereotype that they use newspapers pieces.

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