Collage with a Romanian Flavor

Hocus-Pocus 18" x 14" mixed media on masonite February 2008
This collagist is a well-rounded artist born in Romania. In 1990, Florin Ion Firimita relocated to the US to pursue his interest in the arts. He has both a film and photography background, and collage is just one of his many talents. I was particularly drawn to his use of modern imagery. Due to US copyright constraints, there's so much vintage ephemera to be found in collage. It's refreshing to see different images being used!!!

The Death of Summer
30" x 24"
mixed media on wood 2007
Florin's pieces hint to various themes, and uses images to connect the dots. In The Death of Summer, there's a shadow of fall leaves in the upper left corner...In Hocus Pocus, it's the title connecting me to the hand image...I like to be able to discern just what it is the artist is getting at. Florin does a fine job at that communication thing. It's one thing to make something worth gazing at, it's quite another to relay a message along with it.
I also further impressed with his assemblage work. There's some compelling work on his site.
His work can be viewed further here.

assemblage on antique cutting board

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