Flowing Collage Pieces by Eva Han

{un moment-} collage_cut+paste_gouache_sur papier noir 29 cm x 21cm(11.4'' x 8.3'')

Today I bring a new discovery to the blogtable. Eva Eun-Sil Han. From her website, "All works feature the element of surprise and unexpected juxtapositions-Working with elements from the tradition of Surrealism- And Old School hand-made collages augmented with drawing and painting techniques." In her series, Cerveau which is featured on her website, she does this beautiful flowing gouache work on her collages and it is captivating. I really love these thought provoking pieces. The effect is a visual energy flow.

{ complice- } collage_cut+paste_acrylic_sur papier 37.7 cm x 28 cm ( 14.8'' x 11'' )

In her gallery Rouge, collages are stained with the brightest of red, creating an unusually high drama impact as in the piece complice, shown above.

사건발생 [事件發生] - happening
collage_gesso_magazine_sur papier
projet pour AAAAA

The Asian type in "happening", show above, lends a different spice to this work. I like her textures, and I really like the flowing gouache. Thumbs Up!

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