J. Natasha Kostan

10” x 9 ½”
This California collage artist creates thickly textured collage work. Her use of text seems lyrical and almost music like in the piece Sigma-SH-D shown above. With a history of education in fashion and interior design, and print making she uses a diverse vocabulary to create her collage images. I did not find a website of her own, but I did find several pieces scattered across the web by doing a google search of her name.
I really like the colors in her pieces...the colors work so well together. I like the idea of working on monoprints. I am looking more and more into printing...and this piece Untitled #310 has my brain cranking.

Untitled #310
Monoprint/Mixed Media Collage
40" x 30”

According to her statement, found on the SCWCA (Southern California Women's Caucus for Art) site, "My works are usually the result of a continuous refinement of established techniques and experimentation with new and additional materials."

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