Happy Holidays

seasons greetings from my kitchen to yours

I want to wish anyone who may be reading this a very Happy Holiday.
I will be driving to Philadelphia Saturday morning for some holiday time with my father and grandmother. I will return before Christmas, but I will not blog a post till Wednesday.
Peace Love Groove Art

reindeer ready to leap


m-c dude from the aether said...

Happy holidays right back at chya. I enjoy the blog. Is there a repository, flickr or something, that has some images of your work? Thanks.

julie said...

m-c-dude I trust you had a decent holiday? as for my stuff, my work is in a few places.
flickr has a running tally of a lot of things, random things, including photos.
magikglasses has been my site since 1999. There's new and old work there, animations, silly things, dark things, etc...
I have work on boonika.com, and also on myartspace.com, some on saatchi... oh and wotartist.com too!!
The Sharon Springs DK project is my latest work, and some of the art pieces are found on magikglasses in the second gallery listed. I won a grant earlier this year, and from that I have a new website with interactive and movies that will be opening very soon!!

That should keep you busy for awhile!!!

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