Collage Artwork by Kareem Rizk

Todays collage adventure takes me to the other side of the globe off to Australia. Kareem Rizk is a collage artist working with various media, including oil pastel. I don't use pastel too often, it drives me nuts how it smears, so I have to admire his controlled use of it. Pastel does cover well, and it is an essential tool in Kareems work. He creates balance using blocks of pastel color and to tell the truth, I am digging the effect he creates in the piece "The Park". On the left is a color block of pale almost skin colored pastel, and directly next to it is what looks like a collage pieces of paper. The torn edges at the bottom blend so nicely with that pastel edge....

I also like the openness of these pieces. There is a freshness to it, reminding me of THS and his gluebooks. However, there is less scrawling here, and more of a controlled feeling in Kareems work and I really do enjoy the way he places the pieces on the page for weight. There's a large gallery of work on his website for your viewing pleasure.

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