Hope Kroll—Collagiste

Test Pattern

I came across the work of Hope Kroll awhile ago and have kept her bookmark in my list ever since I came across it. I have to admit I have a fetish for things Victorian, things nature-related, and Hope uses these subjects in her work frequently, drawing me in.

Beyond this Place
Hope Kroll's work is special because of it's 3d quality. Upon first examining her pieces, I was very curious as to what the interesting shadow effect was caused by. I have used pen and ink in the past in order to create this effect, but in her work the shadows are absolutely perfect, which of course my hand drawn ones were not! Reading the artist statement on her website, I was drawn to her explanation of using foam board. She says, "Recently, I have begun to make use of archival form core to lift elements of my work off the page. I find the three-dimensional effect lends additional visual drama to my work and helps to showcase the highly meticulous nature of my cuttings." I agree with her. The effect is stunning and in some of her pieces I feel as tho the drama is enhanced by this shadowing of image. It also has a way of over-enhancing things with emphasis, which could be helpful in future work.

There is a lot of work posted on her site and all of it is intriguing. I have spent a lot of time looking at her things...You can see her work currently in San Francisco at the Triangle Gallery. Her work is showing thru the 26th of January. Also showing are works by Judy Dater and Wanxin Zhang.

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