Collage/Décollage--the work of Emily Hunt

interesting use of bookcover...I like her extending above it, larger than life

According to wiki, décollage "is the opposite of collage; instead of an image being built up of all or parts of existing images, it is created by cutting, tearing away or otherwise removing, pieces of an original image."

Usually I am in the process of building building, adding layers upon layers and working bottom up. I am intrigued at the reverse process, that of breaking it all down. Emily Hunt does both. Her work is ebbing and flowing, all at once. This technique is something that I have yet to explore, and Emily's work inspires me this way. I really admire some of the pieces that I found on her site. She has that special ability of being able to keep the square part of an image while she blends in a background.

this one surreals me

The challenge of keeping the geometric shapes of ephemera is something that I enjoy in collage work. Not only can Emily work with the rectangular so well, she can also break the surface plane with it, using it to her advantage. The rectangle is given depth when used in this way.

i wish i could see this one better. i think it is text extending beyond the image

It seems reminiscent of street art, another thing I like to incorporate in my own work. She uses photography of her own in her work, and also incorporates images from printed matter to convey rather strong images.

this image reminds me of the iRAQ streetart works. This is a serious graphic image.

Please pardon me for the continual comparison of other artists' work to my own work and to others'. My intention is exploration. context. I hope it isn't too annoying. Part of my reason for this blog is to allow me to explore the world of collage, in it's myriad of complexity, and to figure out my place within it. I never want to sound haughty, arrogant, or above anything that anyone else is creating. Art is love.

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