Flights of Fancy

Chris Giffin has a show going on at Mary Lou Zeek Gallery in Oregon. Assemblage artist Giffin shares her thoughts,
"This body of work I hope captures some of the fun and whimsy I see when I look at a roomful of beautiful old objects, disparate in character, and ask them to dance together in my mind. The outcome can be hopeful and lighthearted or thoughtful, even melancholy. But in all, it forms a collection of work that pays much tribute to my fancy for birds, flight, wings and freedom.
F.L.. Wright said, "An idea is salvation by imagination" I think so..................."

Her assemblage work does have a playful quality to it and an entire gallery of this work would be uplifting. I For more details, visit Mary Lou Zeek Gallery's website.

Mary Lou Zeek Gallery
335 State Street
Salem, Oregon 97301

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