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I have not mentioned the Artcolle Museum in Europe yet. This is a great site for viewing work of collage artists abroad. This organization holds exhibits, hosts collage benefits, and also creates collaborative published books. I like the idea of organized artists, but I don't seem to be able to pull it off! There are groups near me such as the UAG in Albany that I could join up with and although I have downloaded the application twice now, I have yet to actually fill it in and join. There is also the National Collage Society that has caught my eye over the years, but again, I have failed to follow through on joining. The Artcolle Museum would seem a worthy group to be involved with, particularly if you don't live in the states.
They have announced 2 publications that may be of interest to collagists:

Volume 1
The art of the collage at the dawn of the twenty and first century

The first volume: art history of the collage from 1200 till 2005 150 pages which 104 reproductions colors - 105 artists is always available.

Volume 2
The techniques of the art of the collage

140 pages among which 88 pages reproductions colors - 88 artists.

More information may be found here on their website.

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