14th Baker's Dozen International Collage Exchange

Are you Still Looking For Something Creative To Do????

Excerpt from a post by Cecil Touchon from the collage group on yahoo:

But I would like to remind those interested that the 14th baker's
dozen exchange is coming up and the participation fee has been reduced
by 50% to encourage more participation. Please participate! It is fun
and challenging and there are a lot of good works. By participating
regularly the Collage Museum gradually builds up a collection of
various artists works that show their steady progression over the
years. This helps the museum build a really great collection that in
the future will be a one of a kind resource. Those who come to visit
(the collection is avaiable for private viewing) are always
overwhelmed by the sheer number of works to be seen.

Now that I have figured out how to make a catalog I will be starting
to do catalogs of the Museum's collection and will be working on other
collage/assemblage related books.

see here:

Artists each make UP TO 13 collages, size 11"x14" (inches), and send
them to Fort Worth, Texas, to arrive by either March 21 or October 21.
(you may also send as few as one)
Packages that arrive too late for the exchange will be held for the
next exchange.

THEME: open

One collage is retained to be part of the permanent collection of the
IMCAC, while remaining permanently on exhibition on the Museum's
Internet site and possibly exhibited in future exhibitions held by the
The other 12 are distributed into parcels which are sent back to each
contributing artist. So you send 13 of yours, get back 12 of others.
Certain works from the various exchanges will be selected for
representing the Museum's flagship collection to be used for traveling
exhibitions and as such will be framed in matching museum frames as
funds are available. This prestigious flagship collection will be
chosen by the director as being among the finest works in the
collection and promoted as important examples of 21st century collage art.


Make UP TO 13 collages, on 11" X 14" (actual collage area may be
smaller, but the 11x14" outer size makes packaging easier and less
prone to damage so please keep the size EXACTLY 11x14 inches). For
those works that will be framed, the framing we will be using has a
window opening of 10.5x13.5 inches so keep that in mind when designing
works. This will allow the museum to use standard, ready made framing
which helps to keep the costs down.

PRINT and fill out the forms mentioned above.


IMCAC - Collage Exchange
Cecil Touchon (checks made to Artscorp)
6955 Pinon Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Your package to arrive any time starting now until the deadline of
either March 21 or October 21

A package of up to (depending on how many you sent) 12 collages by
other artists will be sent to each participating artist by the end of
April for the March exchange or November for the October exchange.


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