Collage goes virtual in Second Life

Baker Bloch, taking in a virtual gallery on Second Life

I got an email the other day from Mark Brittain, or Baker Bloch-- if you are a member of Second Life... wherein he was kindly enough to fill me in on the cool art things going on in Second Life. I am not sure if you have heard of Second Life. It's a virtual world, it's quite popular, and there's quite a community of folks that are heavily involved with it.

Mark has set up collages in his Second Life gallery, The Gallery at the Temple of TILE. I think this is quite splendid and empowering! The idea of owning your own gallery sure is a high ambition. The idea of being able to do it makes Second Life pretty tempting! Not sure I personally have the time to do this...I am pretty booked up. That may not affect YOU tho...perhaps you should go and check on Marks' Second Life gallery. This link will get you there, IF you have the Second Life software loaded. Mark has a blog here, and I am sure if you are interested in participating or finding out more about this, he would fill you in. There's also a cool blog that lists tons of SL art galleries. The list on this blog is extensive. One could theoretically spend several hours perusing the creativity of these industrious SL members...

We are living in exciting times.

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