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I just can't help myself. I have to post about this terrific new game that is coming out next month called The Path!!!

There's this really creative couple that met online years ago. The story unfolded in a wonderfully modern way and thru the website of entropy8zuper, I and many others, got to experience them sharing themselves in various networked ways. It was terrific. They put on spontaneous online performances and really made me think out of the box and off the studio table and into the world of the net.
She moved to Europe, I think, in the spirit of true love, and they have been working on collaborative projects and creating wonderful little game children ever since...

The Tale-of-Tales...They created these intriguing little internet games. These are not your average games as we know them. These are fascinating studies in behavior. These are beautiful environments that live and breathe as you explore them. These are works of animated art.

The Endless Forest what can I say about the sheer beauty in the landscapes of this game. SWOON!! I am so impressed by this game and the ideas behind it I got a PC just so I could participate. You take on the persona of a deer and journey thru the Endless Forest, meeting up with other deer. It's endless fun if you ask me, and altho I usually loathe computer games in general, these artistic games lure me in and keep me there.

They did a tiny little game called The Graveyard, that you can also download...but in the background the passion has been pouring into this new game that they are releasing next month.

The Path. It's based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. What an excellent tale...full of fodder for any imagination. I can't wait to get my hands on this and I know several hours of my upcoming time will be spent exploring the animated landscapes that Michael and Auriea have conjured up.

And how does this relate to collage???
It relates to ME and my collage. At that time, I was so inspired by the artistic work that these people did that I decided I had to animate my own collage work. I dabbled in dhtml and ended up getting Flash and learning how to code enough to create some crazy works. I even ended up ganging up with Melissa McCobb Hubbell and Amy Peacock and we created AEZ, a full color art zine with an animated CD that yours truly was inspired to create---THANKS to the folks at entropy8zuper.

There are still a few of these crazy animations online over at magikglasses, my website, altho some of the links are not public. I thought in the spirit of The Path, to celebrate the very cool game that is now scheduled to release...I would post a few secret links to some of my animated pieces.

Ride Home
my first try at movie generation....this depicted my ride up a curvy dirt road to where I lived. A ridiculous little action figure of Lord Faquaar was on my dash and made it into the movie. I cringe when I watch this!

This was my first flash attempt at animated collage. I had to make up a silly poem to go with it. I never tire of this. Love the last frame!!

Theatrica Erratica
I was heavily involved with AEZ back then, and I did an animated CD for each issue. This issue, #5, was particularly crazy with a built-in popup theatre. I explored that theme and animated the interface. Came out pretty colorful and absurd.

Art from Everyday Life
Got into a RR project and for one month, I made an animation on CD. Hint: Anything that moves is fair game.

Veil of Silence
This is a collage that was cropped and torn apart digitally in MAX. trippy quicktime.

• and Finally NIN Nr. 7
Something I am currently working on. The Sharon Springs DK website with 6 collages worked thru Max. Used the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack from Ghosts #7 for this, in the spirit of altering our copyright paradigm.

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