Thinking Inside of the Box--deadline May 15

Have you been wanting to think outside of the box? Then perhaps you may want to consider thinking inside of the box!
Assemblage artists from around the world are invited to request a cigar box from the IMCAC and to create a work of art using the box received. When complete the box is donated to the IMCAC and used in future exhibitions. This could be an interesting event.

According to the info:
A full color catalog of the exhibit will be available.
Boxes available include typical, flip up lid, paper clad, cigar boxes, wooden boxes with sliding lids, wooden boxes with latches and hinges. Various sizes and styles available.

The participation fee is $55.00 by check or paypal.com. ($10.00 extra for international artists for extra shipping cost) For this fee you will receive the box from the museum, have your work documented for the catalog and for the collagemuseum.com website and receive one free copy of the catalog when complete as well as any publicity materials such as postcards and press releases.
Use you own box!
Use any sort of box you already have or construct made of any material and any size or shape. Participation fee is then $40.00.

Works should be completed by the end of March, 2009 and returned to the museum. The first exhibition to be arranged for the Fall of 2009. Please include information about yourself for our files.

To participate or inquire send an email to info@collagemuseum.com requesting more information.

Please put “THINKING INSIDE OF THE BOX” in the subject line of the email.

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