Content Is King, but Connection Rules

Content Is King, but Connection Rules from Molly Gordon on Vimeo.>
You know I usually avoid the video thing on this blog. But this one moved me so much, I had to share.
I feel the same way sometimes. It's hard to just be the info person, the creative person, a leader, a communicator.... Sometimes we need to be ourselves, and sometimes we plain old feel like shit. Things are tough, inside and outside and sometimes you just think you can't blog another post, or you just can't do another collage, or you just need a freakin' hug. The emotion I felt in this video by Molly Gordon really hit me. Amazingly enough, I believe she's right and it's true. When I get all frustrated and freaked out and can't figure out a way out of my creative hole--if I manage to get to this blog space to put it in print--somehow, someway, you really cool people out there respond back to me and in those little threads of conversation, the universe provides me with some sort of peace and answers.

Very recently I posted of my frustration with copyright and how I am freezing up. I am trying so hard to wrap my head around it all....and I started a personal post on my own personal blog, and ended up moving it here. The next morning, I found 3 really good, caring and helpful responses to my dilemma. I can't tell you what that meant to me at that moment.
And through those comments, I find the courage, wherewithal, and ability to go back to that studio. Face the table. And create some more dreams.
Thanks so much.
So I guess today's post is just a message. Reach out. Ask and Answer. Sometimes we just have to Be.


andrea said...

I don't know how many times I have to learn, and learn again, and again, that I am not alone, that we all are hitting these road blocks... Thanks for posting this video testimonial and encouraging (and valuable) advice. It will (it already does) help me to get unstuck. I'm so much looking forward to meeting real people, face to face, on the weekend, in Phoenix (PHX Art Museum screening). Virtual connections are great, but the fuel does come from something far more physical and sensual: Getting together, being together.

Julie Sadler said...

Me too Andrea. I tend to want to isolate myself when these things occur, too...so it's super annoying and it makes things worse.

I got my copy of the DVD yesterday. Tonite it's popcorn and movie!!!

Karin said...

thank you for this video!! Her words are so very true, on so many levels. And I agree with your experiences as well. It's all about coming from a place of truth and honesty, and letting the masks of perfection fall away to reveal we are all, ultimately, trying to work toward similar goals. This is mostly a community of support, for which I am grateful!

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