AP vs. Fairey

Fairey...sheesh...hes' endless in the news these days and today is no exception!
I have mentioned him on this blog before, and certainly if you google his name you can follow the myriad pages to find out more about him if you are an ostrich with your head in the sand.

Today, I read that the AP is suing him for copyright issues. AND...get this....who is representing him none other than Anthony Falzone...whi is a lawyer and exec director of the Fair Use Project. He pals with Lawrence Lessig, champion of the Creative Commons. YEE HA! This could get interesting folks. The laws are on the table. At last. A high profile case. Perhaps we can get some coherent laws to go by through all this...
We can only HOPE>!!!

update: there's another blog post here on Newsgrist about this with better linkage and info.


tgarrett said...

Hey Julie-
Thanks for this info- yes I have missed this latest mess- too busy teaching maybe- anyway i will share this with my university students as we were just talking about copyright issues- teachers have a whole different set of use issues when it comes to education...never ending- and people wonder why so many artists use old old images from the Dover collections! Thanks for keeping me up on these issues- there a web site to make any photo look like one of those poster- from paste magazine- Obamame.

Eva said...


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