Behind the Scenes

Collage clearinghouse hasn't posted much the past few days I see.... I am behind the scenes doing background work on various publication projects. I am lucky enough to work in my day job for a printer, and I have access to laser printers and bindery equipment. That sure helps. I also have a nice Epson inkjet at home, along with a coveted gocco printer and a vintage book press. These tools enable me to take my little themed works from the journal pages into a publication that I can sell on my website or the ever famous etsy. My favorite thing about collage is doing the fine art variety, with a large piece of wood or canvas...with lots of experimental attachments and layers... BUT I find that I end up having a lot of success selling little books and zines that I publish myself.
I am gearing up for a show in June in Albany, on Lark street. I want to have several little zine pubs ready for sale, along with my prints and original collage works. People that don't have the $100-$300 for an original can lay down $10 for a printed zine. I end up with a lot of little sales that add up.
Therefore, behind the scenes as of late, I have been working on my computer scanning various collage works in and using InDesign for layout I place these in signatures for printing.
The Pale Tale started as a journal exercise, to get me back into the habit of daily art. I liked one sequence of pages, and 2 weeks later went back and added words to complete the story. It ended up really cool, and I printed a bunch today. Now I just have to bind these up and there will be some ready to sell.

Also behind the scenes, I have been working on a lot of photo taking. I need some photo inventory that I can claim as MY OWN> and that relieves some of the stress for me as far as the copyrights are concerned. I am also challenging myself to produce more towards the collage works on my own, instead of relying on ephemera all the time. I am interested in seeing where I can take these new ideas .......


tgarrett said...

Julie- I am so excited about the idea of new zine like works coming- and yes- given the economy my card sales are steady but my one of a kind framed works are not selling. Still hoping for a copy of Dreamiverse at some point. Terry

Julie Sadler said...

Oh man, Terry, I do have a dreamiverse saved for you. Next time I have to send you something I can include it!

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