Swamp Shapeshifter

Swamp Shapeshifter
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While working on this collage I had a few discoveries regarding the archival inkjet prints that I am using off of my Epson 2200. For this particular piece, I wanted to use these super pukish green spring thaw pix that I took with my 35mm. They are some of my ultra faves, so when it came time to use them, I couldn't do it. I ended up scanning them in and making prints to use in the artwork. Still craving the gloss, I used some glossy paper stock and hoped to achieve the same results without using the photo.
I have found that the inkjet prints are quite delicate and sensitive, especially to wet media. It sucks to be working so carefully and even so, a driplet of collage medium landing on the wrong spot and UGH, you have yourself a ruined piece.
I tried using Krylon on a sample inkjet print, and that didn't work well at all. The obnoxious fumes filled the air and for 2 hours I was annoyed at myself. On this piece, I painted on the inkjets with acrylic, and thankfully it didn't smear my prints.
I prefer to cut up the actual photos and use them, their durability is enviable. I wish I had an enlarger--enlarging the prints costs big bucks. Damn cheap artist that I am, I'll have to settle for the handspun inkjets for now.


Glenn said...

I find the relationship between the bird and the figure so beautifully entwined... and I also appreciate hearing about your process with the inkjet prints. The challenge never seems to end when working with adhesives.

Shani Thomas said...

Yep, know what you mean. I broke down and bought a laser printer. The Konica Minolta Magiccolor 2530 DL. No, it's not AS good as the inkjet, but it's pretty darn close and usually works for me when I don't want to use an original image.

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