PHRESH work by Gordon Magnin

collages by Gordon Magnin
I have love for these fresh collage works done by Gordon Magnin... Hannah Hoch would have been proud. It is hard for me personally to warp out faces. I work on a piece and start identifying with the character and I end up getting super anal about the facial choice...this person has to have the right Look! I think nothing, however, of using 13 pieces to compose a body, but the face becomes sacred somehow. Therefore, I enjoy a good face job, like these fine pieces that Gordon does. It isn't easy to do well, and these are really warped out. I also find them especially interesting because of the way that Gordon creates geometric shapes with his cuts. It's unusual. I like this treatment and don't see it often. His site holds several pieces from the past few years, go check it out.

collage by Hannah Hoch, courtesy of Kansai Scene

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