Mother Nature looked at what she had done and saw that it was good

Collage on canvas.
I usually don't use canvas. I get all seized up inside arguing with myself that I am not a good enough painter! I can use watercolors, but acrylics and oils, they are not my forté and I feel that pain every single time I try to use canvas. But I had this large looming canvas in the corner of the studio and I needed something ultra wide, for the landscape I wanted to use on this piece, so I grabbed it and used it.
I was planning to paint monotoned swirls in the background, and I sketched lightly an outline for them. But when the time came to paint them, my confidence level went south, and I decided to cheat and use spray paint and stencils for texture. It worked nicely, but still --I didn't challenge myself much.
It's a new look for me, lots of open space....


among found objects said...

I would like to thank you both for creating such extensive lists of collage related stuff. I cant wait to dig in and look at your and other collage artist's work. Your site is truly a jewel.

Glo said...

I really love the simplicity of this piece. It is a good lesson for me to remember sometimes less is more. Thanks. I love this blog and am including it on my blog list for papermoongoddess.

Julie Sadler said...

Thanks muchly!

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