F L U X H I B I T I O N # 2

Fluxus. It's hard to define. But according to wiki
1. it's an attitude, not a movement or style
2. it's intermedia. Using a conglomerate of sound image idea text as art.
3. it's very simple. to the point
4. it's got humour.
(note: on this wiki page, there is an extensive list of flux artists and most of them link!)

Fluxus artists are gathering together their art for a Fluxhibition, the second of it's kind.

INTERNATIONAL FLUXHIBITION #2 - NEW AND IMPROVED FLUXUS ARTIFACTS: Classic and Contemporary Scores, Instructions & Artifacts by Fluxus Artists From the FLUXmUSeum’s Permanent Collection - including works by: Marchel Duchamp, Yoko One, Dick Higgins, Ken Friedman, John Lennon, Cecil Touchon, George Brecht, Madawg, Larry Miller, Neil Horsky, Reid Wood, Gregory Steel, Tomas Schmit, Keith Buchholz, John, M. Bennett, Luc Fierens, Reed Altemus, Marco Giovenale, Brad Brace, Sheila Murphy, Don Boyd and others.

The Deadline for submission was September 10th, 2008. The exhibition will be held during the month of October 2008 at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center – Fort Worth, Texas USA.

Fluxvision glasses - Cecil Touchon - 2008
Vintage glasses with original case with lenses sanded down so that,
when worn the center of one's vision is blinded leaving only peripheral vision.
Instruction: Use to look at an art exhibition

More info can be found online at the flux museum.

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