Reign of the Copyright Czar!!

Copyright Czar? Yes, it appears as tho we will have our very own copyright czar to put an entirely new spin on our copyright issues.
According to Wired, while congress was being bullied by our president to sign a bill of massive proportions to bale out Wall street and their minds were distracted, a lesser publicized bill passed on the senate floor regarding copyright. The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Act will please the Big Content folks in Hollywood. "This still remains a bill that has one purpose: to protect an obsolete business model, rather than letting more innovative models proliferate" says Techdirt. What the future holds as far as copyright is concerned is anyone's guess. The house will no doubt pass this bill. What is next??
I worry about it. The idea of having any one person "in control" makes me so nervous. We humans have a greedy streak, there's no doubt about it, (right! just look at Wall St.!!) and to have another high profile position of power to corrupt and lobby, well I guess it's bizness as usual!

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