Rotten Apple Tea Party - But How do I Frame It?

Rotten Apple Tea Party
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I made another attempt to work on canvas this week. It's a challenge to work with different materials and I like to challenge myself.... I wanted to force myself to paint with the acrylics and try to see what I could do. I ended up hating the acrylic texture and spray painted over it with a stencil. I cheated once again. However, I am liking the canvas...at least I like the ridigity of the substrate. I am used to 140 lb. watercolor paper. The thickness is appreciated.

Since I am on a roll using these canvases, I have a new problem. The framing of the canvas collage.
How do you frame a canvas collage work?
If it's an oil or acrylic, the painting needs no matte, and in fact, it needs no glass for protection.
But this is a collage, with layers of papers and photos....
I really don't know about putting a matte AND a canvas in a frame. Is that what would be appropriate? I did some pieces a few years ago also on canvas and I framed them direct with the glass hitting the canvas. This posed potential problems with the images adhering to the glass, and I didn't like this at all. I have since removed these pieces from the glass for their own protection.
I am looking for other ideas. Does anyone else out there work on canvas?? What do you do to frame these works for display???


Eva said...

You could try varnishing the piece like John Brodie does. (He explains it in his video.) Like maybe us Gamvar by Gamblin. I am not sure how well photomontage would work though - magazines cut-outs and such - as opposed to the sturdier materials John uses, like billboards. It might soak and darken the images.

If you collaged on the sides of the canvases (or covered the sides in some way) and then varnished, you wouldn't need a frame.

A friend of mine suggested collaging on wood panels because you wouldn't need any frames with that either. Very easy to present. The problem with this option for me (and it would be the same if you collaged on canvas) is that is takes all this room then, all this storage, whereas I have decades of photomontages in portfolios, taking very little room. I'm convinced that it's the reason I was able to keep as much as I did...

Julie Sadler said...

I hear that Eva!!! The storage of larger pieces is totally a drag....I recently have a passion for using old drawers out of old dressers (my boyfriend runs and antique biz!) and these are great experiments, but also cumbersome.
As for the varnish....Hmmm. I might want to try this, altho the thing I am liking about these pieces is the reality contrast of the glossy photo vs. the ephemera.

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