Julien Pacaud

I find it really exciting to run across an artist’s work that seems to fly in the face of something that I happen to be working through in my own collages, yet is still completely successful.

Notahobbytool, digital collage, 2007

Julien Pacaud‘s collages do that for me. Lately I’ve been concentrating on the idea of transforming the images I’m using by heavily altering and dissecting them. However, in Julien’s pieces the images remain for the most part intact and presented realistically but very much out of context.

Julien Pacaud is an illustrator based out of Paris, France. He achieves a classical surrealist strangeness in these aptly named “perpendicular dreams“. The stylishly vintage figures in these bizarre landscapes are both emotionally disengaged and savagely dramatic wrapped up in their peculiar narratives. I love the colors used; some are full of washed out chalky grays, while others are drenched in an over saturated, hand colored effect. His current collages follow an equally bizarre and amusing storyline full of fantasy intrigue and suspense.

Episode 9 - The second assassination attempt, digital collage, 2008

Autoroute Zero, digital collage, 2007

Definitely check out his website there‘s some cool links and something called ‘automatic art‘ that is rather interesting. Also, his portfolio of commercial work is equally as engrossing.
Julien Pacaud on etsy.com


Roy said...

I enjoyed these very much.

Filipa said...

Loved these works!
Thank you collage clearinghouse for making it easy for me to find so many fantastic artists.

Monsieur Machin said...

I love julien pacaud work! he's really good

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