Dan Hillier's Cabinet of Digital Collage Curiosities

Dan Hillier did a little black and white art for the Strychnin invitation to their latest show, "In the Absence of Colour – a Black & White Group Show" which is opening this Friday in London. (details here) I did a google on Dan, intrigued as I was by his funny goat men on the invite.
His site is superb. The images are really interesting, but I do have a thing for things macabre.

Damien Hirst, Lay Down. Dan is the master of skull alterations, and I really enjoyed his skull plate series. Plate 4, Baby, reminds me so much of my deconstructed victorian epergne.
Do spend some time on the sketchbooks. It's crazy colorful stuff and contains collages beaucoup! (I think my fave was Australia)
A chance to see his stuff up close and personal can be had at the Strychnin show. Those lucky enough to be in London for this show, "I doff my hat to you!"

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