The Horrific Rejuventation of the Orphan Works Bill

Just when things are getting quiet with me regarding the entire copyright issue, I read this horrifying report about The Rejuvenation of the hideously harmful Orphan Works Bill. Good grief!!! Artists of all kinds, it's time to do some reading, and some writing to members of Congress and Senate.
What on Earth is the Orphan Works Bill?
It's' a whole lot more than I feel capable of writing about, that's what!
This time you will need to go off and do some reading, but this is important stuff.

It's a bill that is destined to wreak havoc on any works of art that weren't formally registered with our copyright office. Please go to this link on the IPA (Illustrator's Partnership) site, and read the very informative ORPHAN WORKS RESOURCE PAGE FOR ARTISTS.
Mark Simon's article is here...and he also discusses the ins and outs of a bad deal about to go real bad.
There's also some information here on our very own us.gov site...they link you off to here, to the legal jargon!
Please do educate thine self. These are treacherous times.

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