The Passing of Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg Untitled (Man with White Shoes) ca. 1954

According to the NY Times, the gifted Robert Rauschenberg passed away last night at the age of 82. A sad day.

Satellite 1955 mixed mediums and taxidermy pheasant, ca. 79 x 43 x 6 in. Whitney Museum of American Art

IN 2005, I went to the MET in NYC and made the effort to see an exhibit of his combines. Such crazy work!!!!! It was a moving exhibit. The physical mass of his combines, the usage of various household objects, his whole idea inspired me and helped me see things differently.

Canyon 1959 mixed mediums with taxidermy bald eagle and pillow, ca. 87 x 70 x 24 in. Sonnabend Collection

A quote from a review on artnet by Jerry Saltz says "Nevertheless, Robert Rauschenberg may be the American Picasso. He is a Dionysian maverick of experimentation, openness, visual wit and roguish nerve; an artist who cannot be diminished by others but who can only diminish himself; someone whose envelope-pushing has been inspirational for generations. As Johns generously avowed, "Rauschenberg was the man who in this century invented the most since Picasso."
As a collage artist, I am forever grateful for the masters that have come before me and paved the way for my visual freedom of expression. I appreciate Mr. Rauschenberg's contribution to collage culture and silently I nod my head in respect.

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BeverlyKayeGallery said...

Thank you for noting the passing of Robert Rauschenberg. He was such a powerful voice of our time, and such a gifted artist. His works will live on in history.

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