A personal message

I don't spend a lot of time posting about my personal life, I tried that on live journal for awhile and I ended up paranoid or watched. A little bit about the other me you don't know about... I work full time for a trade newspaper publisher as a graphic designer/webmaster. I also do systems admin work which involves training and installing of software and hardware for the company. It's a busy job, and it keeps me up to date with technology. It doesn't offer me oodles of spare time at home tho. I guard my private moments and try to use them for creativity, or times with the fam. I don't watch tv, don't do movies generally, and I try to be focused on my own causes. The blog really is a portion of my life that seems to not be pulling it's weight however. I feel sometimes the giving is so much greater than the receiving....I hate to put it that way, it seems so selfish. Is the blog for me? or for you? It should be for both.

I have spent more time than I care to add up working on various posts for this little blog. It's sometimes an added pressure in life to have to worry about the pieces of a one-way conversation. I like the blog format, the fact that you can post pictures and share info easily. But it feels so utterly lonely just posting away everyday into the aether. I try to put a variety of collage related things up here in an attempt to feed the hungry who may also be taking their time trolling the web looking for insight and ideas. But where's the conversation?

I have to admit that I am feeling a bit defeated at the whole blog game tho. I read several serious popular art blogs and end up for hours on the comments, it's the conversation that grabs me most. That's exactly the thing that feels missing on this here blog! I tend to be pretty isolationist about my habits anyhow, but I am trying to draw in some kind of feedback and it just isn't happening. My fault? I have no clue.

I see my little webstats show that over 100 people read this blog each day. I just don't feel it's making sense to continue to pour my time into something that people are not interested in. I receive emails from individuals telling me about themselves, wanting to be posted on the blog...and that's all cool. I have had a few private emails asking me to address a certain topic or issue, but other than that, there is little feedback here and it makes me wonder. This is an open post. I am looking for any commentary, or maybe just some kind of sign that really is worth my time! Like Pink Floyd has said... Hello? Is anybody out there?


Fionnlagh said...

I just stumbled across here today
great stuff...really inspirational
got to get doing some collages again
shame noone's talking

*favourited* :)

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Julie,

I just found your blog last week. I linked it on my site as well. I absolutely adore it. I went through all of the back posts that you wrote.
I usually "lurk" on blogs :) I'm quiet but I LOVE what you do. I'm extremely thankful and grateful for blogs like yours that not only focus on your own personal artwork (LOVE it) but also art in general. You have a wonderful, amazing site and more people should know about it :)

Melis said...

I like your blog and I think I've commented a couple of times. It is really hard to get a blog setup with a good base of people commenting and having interesting discussions. It's frustrating!

One way to help things along is to ask a question to your readers, like you did here. Many times I will see something interesting on a blog but not comment because I don't really have anything to say beyond "that's really cool" or something!

I also think that people who have a lot of community and comments on their blog sometimes pull in people from other existing networks like message boards and web forums. I know a few bloggers like that, where they are all having various conversations on each other's blogs.

Anyway, I hope you will continue your blog, I do read it.

The Renzntzman said...

I'm a quiet guy but I read your blog almost every day. I think the idea of asking a question of your readers might invoke a response. I love your blog and don't want to see it go away but you've gotta do what's best for you. I blog but I don't really expect any comments. My blog is my journal. Ultimately it's for me and me alone. I do love that several of my friends keep up with me thru my blog but, in the end, I'm gonna blog whether anyone reads it or not.
So, do what's best for you. If CC goes away, we'll miss it but we'll know that you are using the time wisely.

The Renzntzman said...

Have you ever thought of getting a couple of other people to help you with the blog...kinda like reporters or correspondants? Something to think about...

julie said...

Ya know renzntz, you may have a point. I have admired the Scrapiteria blog for awhile and I really think that thriving off of each other and collaborating is where it's at.
I will have to go and think on this one!!! Thanks everyone for the heads up. I don't want to sound like I am whining, and it is good to know there is someone out there actually reading posts!


Hi Julie,

I understand what you're saying. It's exhausting to do this blog thing, especially without making a buck at it. So, why not open up the blog to say three or four different but like-minded posters who could contribute as you do to the blog and lessen the work while at the same time expanding its horizons. And generate more traffic. One of the posters already mentioned this. You can try it out for a few months and see what shakes.



Neda said...

Julie!!! Don't give up. You have been a great source of inspiration..

Your blog was one of the first ones I added to my blogroll. I visit you everyday but I stopped commenting a while back. I stopped simply because I felt that you may not have been interested in having a 2-way conversation. You post, we respond, and that was that... Hopefully, you will find a better way. Good luck!

Daniel Allyn Lee said...

I've been meaning to start commenting on several blogs that I frequent. I've just been so busy. I really like this blog; its the best I've seen relating to collage.

I have trouble keeping up the myriad of blogs I'm involved with. It can be a serious commitment, as evidence by so many abandoned blogs, where after you get through a few interesting posts you realize they're all dated march2006.

I hope you keep with it. I'll definitely comment on posts in the future. Also, If you do decide to take on contributors, I may be tempted to lend a hand.

The Renzntzman said...

I didn't say it but I might also be willing to lend a hand. Heck, I only have 6 blogs that I contribute to. What's one more.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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