Suggestions and Solutions

I found myself contemplating the feedback of my previous post over these past few days. Some people were kind enough to send their well wishes, others sent me private emails that explained some of the flaws in the clearinghouse. I am grateful to any and all that read, comment, email, or participate! Thank you. There were some suggestions that I feel were quite appropriate and I am going to attempt to pull this together.

Initially I had started this blog as a service to myself, but since the clearinghouse is now one and a half years old, it has grown and the idea behind it is changing. I really want this blog to succeed as a resource for every (collage) artist, not just for me. I feel as tho no matter what I do, the burden is pretty heavy. In order to properly create flow of content, I believe I need some help. I have seen some really great successful group blogs, Scrapiteria is one. The multi-blogger format is already proven, it works. I really like the idea of enlisting some aid. I am looking for a handful of somewhat dedicated collage artists that would be willing to contribute once a week. If I can find 4 people to help, that would mean each week there would be 5 different posts, with varying opinions and ideas. Of course, posting more often than once is great, but if there were a few of us posting once a week, it wouldn't be required to keep this resource alive. In addition, the added perspective of others here would probably add a different flavor to the blog. It wouldn't be all mine mine MINE! (cackles of laughter and hysteria fade in the distance)

Other suggestions that I received involved some improvements on the content. I will need to address this next. My flittering about from topic to topic, my habit of posting a lot of personal artwork, these things I need to get a handle on. My hope is that I can get some helpful interested folks to volunteer first to help share the burden.
If YOU are interested in promoting collage an an art form, can pledge to post once a week, email me privately and lets DO this!!



Neda said...

Yes!! Keep this great blog and since you are going to get some help, why not start your OWN art blog where you can show your wonderful work???!

Best of luck!

julie said...

The clearinghouse shall live! I am finding a way.
I do like this suggestion of having another spot for my own nonsense. I may have to open up another blog and be really selfish on it!

Neda said...

It's NOT nonsense! You're an amazing collagist!

Laura said...

Julie, this is all a great idea, sharing other perspective of collage opens our view even more and to have a little blog where you can share your personal images is good too. I may sound wishy washy about this but I enjoy what you had and I'm sure I'll enjoy where your headed. Staying flexibale is the best attitude to have these days. Kudo's to you!

clochart said...

Dear Julie believe your blog is a resource! I read your post on collage clearinghouse and I was surprised ... for your concerned reflection about lack of communication in your blog. I discovered yesterday your blog, it is complete and high level, I am honoured to walk there like in a church and I feel no need to speak a lot…about what is art or not, keeping within like a treasure my wishes… my thirst..my wound that I do not want to be disinfected. Perhaps I live in a bean pod, in a fruit stone, but I think it is a silent work that of climbing on predecessor‘s shoulders … Mainly for the habit of having never found interlocutors to share this big net of feelings-experience-curiosity-interests…. When I find a little slit I am no more so sure of this hermit attitude…

Believe I appreciate your efforts and competence.

linda pelati - clochart
milano italy

ps do you like nikolàs de lekuona's collages and christian andersen's silhouettes?

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