Marilyn Monroe = Public Domain

According to pr-inside.com, Marilyn Monroe is now in the public domain.
The article I read is here.... " Right now there is a lot of confusion in regards of who is still in power or not. Yet when you do some internet surfing and Google search, you find out, that Mark A. Roesler, 52, already commented on the ruling and the ground-breaking news in terms of Marilyn Monroe's freedom and her future."
According the Mark Roesler.com, (of CMG worldwide, who is :The Leader in Intellectual Property Rights Management:)... " On a more challenging front is the finding by the court that Marilyn Monroe LLC was judicially estopped by statements of the Executor of Marilyn Monroe's Estate concerning Marilyn Monroe's New York residence at the time of her death. Because New York does not recognize a post-mortem right of publicity, the Court dismissed Marilyn Monroe LLC's right of publicity claims. This ruling will almost certainly be appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals."
It goes on to say, "
With both Indiana and newly revised Washington right of publicity statutes, however, Marilyn Monroe's right of publicity is firmly secured in at least these states and any acts that occur in those states are actionable under those state statutes. Marilyn Monroe's other intellectual property rights such as rights defined under the federal and international trademark laws, various copyrights, and her contractual rights with studios are unaffected by the recent finding by the California court....
My company is headquartered in Indiana with offices also in California and we protect and market almost 200 famous deceased personalities around the world. We will focus our efforts on correcting this obvious shortcoming in New York and we are confident that the citizens and famous celebrities from the state of New York, will not want the fruits of their labor taken from them after their death."

"Good Grief!!" said the collage artist.

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