Lithuanian Collage

Sveksna, Lithuania — 1932
My Grandmother on my Mom's side was born and raised in Lithuania. She ended up working on Jewish ship as a cook in order to earn her passage to the United States in the 30's when she was young. She often spoke of her homeland and had a little collection of photos that she kept close to her heart to remind her of the family she left behind. I am working on archiving the photos for my family, but while I am working on them, I can't help but feel the presence of those across the ocean.

I ended up copying some of the photos and I plan to do some new works using them and their history as a theme. I have used vintage photos for years and I have always remained objective and detached from the subject matter that I use. In this case tho, I already am feeling the strange emotional pull from the faces that are staring back at me. I hope it brings out some emotional work, isn't that the goal? The whole lesson I have learned in all of the studying I have done about artists and their lives is that YOU are the art. This should help, having some of "me" to use!

I did a google search and found some really beautiful and amazing things on the site of Joyce Ellen Weinstein. I want to post pix, but she specifically has asked that no one does this, so I will refrain. It's still worth checking out.

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