Collages from Poland by Jan Dziaczkowski

There seems to be a little cluster of my past that has come forward in recent days. I have been having moments of personal nostalgia lately and I am reminded of my Grandma, who came to America from Lithuania in her teens. She earned passage on the boat by working as a cook. She said she cooked for Jewish folks...I can remember her most excellent cooking skills and the strange foods I was used to. Borscht, matzo ball soup. In honor of her memory, I bought a box of Matzos from the store the other day and I lavish in familiar taste memories while I close my eyes. Thinking about her and her legacy sent me searching in Baltic regions to learn more about Lithuania.
Strange that during this personal search, I get an email from a collage artist in Poland, Jan Dziaczkowski. He has both a website and a blog where he posts all sorts of fascinating collages and other creative endeavors. These works have a real common sense earthy edge to them. I don't know what it is, but I really enjoy northern European artwork. This collage artwork coming out of Poland is just spectacular.

I also enjoy work that I see in New Porker. (an online pdf art zine, I think it's from Russia) I can't get enough of it today.
This nostalgia is a good thing. It connects me with my past, and perhaps that will help forge what's next in my creative future.


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