1859 Invoice Book

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a very old and decaying book, my favorite kind! It was an old Victorian collage scrapbook. It was a Victorian pasttime to paste images into albums. I really liked the fact that some frugal folk from long gone days....re-constituted this old used ledger and reclaimed it for a scrapbook. These days paper is so easy to come by, I can't imagine having to hold onto and savor every scrap.
This book was originally an "Invoice Book". The cover has a stunning ultramarine and sepia aged and marbled cover. Inside, the pages are covered with the beautiful flowing script of days past.

This sets a tone, providing a textured background for the paste ups. The pages are brittle and the edges are torn. On some pages, most of whatever strength the pages has comes from the pasted objects themselves!

There is something very endearing about the manner in which this book was done. I have the opportunity to share pages with you, so I am going to pepper them in as I can.

Some of the images are also available on my flickr account. I am also willing to send you hi-res if you request it.
I wanted to look at this book as one of the roots of collage. It wasn't all just braque and picasso, it was also people at home, doing all sorts of things that do not include TV or computers!

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nature morph said...

I've recently stumbled upon two old scrapbooks/sketchbooks like this. I've been meaning to do a post about them, but it requires a lot of scanning first! What you found is an absolute gem.

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